Imani Rose - Big booty crew (RoundAndBrown)


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I was fortunate enough to walk in on Sierra and Imani while they were getting dressed for a party. The girls showed me how they were going to booty shake all over the dance floor. I was immediately memorized by the round and brown butts. After all the ass-worshiping, I called Ramon over but he was too busy working out. Imani and Sierra weren't having it so they interrupted Ramon's workout by grinding on his cock while he attempted to use the shoulder press machine. After getting Ramon's undivided attention, Sierra and Imani worked out his cock all over the gym by sucking, stroking, riding and milking it.

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Ramon Nomar


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Imani Rose - Fun By The Pool!

Imani Rose - Brown Bunnies

31st July - On this weeks brown bunnies update we are delighted to have the delicious Imani Rose and this girls a little fire cracker and shes so damn sexy in every possible way.The Homie Johnny went in on this little broad but lets get something straight just becuase she's little doesnt mean she doesnt pack a punch..on the contrarey she packed KO Punch with that ass and tits and man the blowjobs were spectacular just ask johnny lol...this guy banged this chick in the pool outside all over the place and she loved it all she was screaming and moaning so much i actually thought he was hurting her some how lol..this was a fun shoot you guys will love it!! ...Read More
Imani Rose - Black Diamonds

Imani Rose - Black Diamonds

2nd May - Sultry mocha princess Imani Rose teases us in a sexy pink mini-dress and high heels before stripping down to lacy lingerie. This all-natural, brown-skinned beauty strokes her pretty, shaved pussy before orally servicing director Sean Michaels' massive meat and slobbering all over his hard shaft. Sean sucks on her small, pert breasts and Imani straddles the director's face so he can dine on her luscious cunt. Then Imani rides on Sean's big, black pole in a slow, sensuous fuck until the lucky stud spurts a hot load of cum onto her tits. ...Read More
Imani Rose and Ryan McLane in I Have a Wife

Imani Rose - I Have A Wife

1st February - Ryan is happy when hot cable lady Imani Rose comes back over to help him with his TV issues, but she's perturbed because she was just there. She gets even more pissed when she finds out that the only problem was that the power cord was unplugged. Ryan doesn't care, because all he wanted to do was flirt with her and look at her nice ass. But Imani's done playing games, and she's ready to get down to business -- in Ryan's pants! She doesn't care that he's married; his wife is gone, and his cock is hard! ...Read More

Imani Rose - The Imani Rose Exhibition!!

Imani Rose - Brown Bunnies

11th December - I love chicks like Imani Rose. She's a free spirit who loves to she her goods to the construction guys. We invited her to the crib to chill out for a while and have some fun with us. Since she loves to exhibit her self we asked her to tease some guys working next door and to our surprise she straight did it with no issue. You can tell in their eyes they wanted to come over, but she's all ours!! After getting her warmed up it was time for the real party to start. You have to see her in action. She loves it man!! They way she sucks dick, the way she rides dick, the way she adores the dick!! We love Imani Rose!! ...Read More
Rachel Starr - Ass and roller skates

Rachel Starr - Ass Parade

1st October - Two sweet asses on this week Ass Parade update! Imani Rose and Rachel Starr are completely out of this world with there huge asses and rock solid bodies that could make any mans dreams a little wet! This hot mamis came out to play and boy did they provided a show. Skating all over South Beach with their asses hanging out. After a hot day of skating, they go home to get fuck hardcore, but not before proving in amazing blowjob. You guys gotta see this movie, its outrages! Enjoy it. ...Read More
Imani Rose - Glory Hole Initiations

Imani Rose - Glory Hole Initiations

21st November - A Rose by any other name wouldn't be as big a whore as Imani. The clear blue sky has given Imani Rose an open invite to prowl for her first white dick. The double edge word that is the Internet has informed Imani that this gas station restroom has constant shenanigans going on. The inner whore of Imani told her the rumors were too good to pass up so she made her way with white cock dancing around in her demented head. The stained walls were all the visual aid that Imani needed to rip off her shirt so that her bra-busting tits could get some air. That ass? Oh you better believe that ass came out to play and Imani's afternoon of debauchery was about to kick off. The orgasms she gave herself nearly alerted nearby authorities but safety wasn't anywhere in today's equation. The white cock finally made its appearance and Imani Rose' lips were soon vacuuming every inch available. None of the nearby filth deterred Imani from scarfing down on her first white dick as if it was Thanksgiving dinner. Imani took it up a level by letting the anonymous white boy go raw on her pussy until it nearly fell off. Imani's ride of the glory hole wall only ended when her knees got weak from a nonstop assault on her black snatch. The only way for Imani to thank her anonymous friend was to suck his white seed directly from the tap. ...Read More